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Rotorheads APAC

Persistent openworld PvE

Rotorheads APAC is a persistent open world PvE Server. This means all progress you make will be saved between server restarts. Unlike many other PvE servers out there Rotorheads APAC is focused (as the name suggests) on Helicopter operations. As such you will find very few fixed wing slots on this server.
Rotorheads APAC campaigns are further orchestrated by human game masters to keep the engagement interesting and to add an additional level of immersion to the game.

Server restarts are automatic and only executed when the server is empty, or everybody logged in is in spectator mode.

Spawn Points

Alpha and Bravo spawn points are open to public. Note that you will only be able to spawn airframes from Bravo which you have at least once flown from Alpha to Bravo since joining the server.
The ideas is to ferry from Alpha to Bravo the first time you get into a new airframe, after that you will always be able to spawn directly at Bravo in the particular airframe (even between server restarts and from campaign to campaign).

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Support the Server

Keeping the server running, adding new features and steering the campaign costs time and money. For users that contribute to the server special Patreon slots are available.
These slots will save the location of the user upon log-out and allow pilots to take off where they last landed even after the server restarts. Patreon slots can be shared by the owner with other players by setting up a key. Note: to save the slot location, a full shutdown of the aircraft needs to be performed.

Rotorheads APAC Patreon page Patreon

Interact with the mission

The server runs a modified version of CTLD
- Extract multiple troop groups (until cpacity is full)
- FARP: Deploy new FARPs. Pads will show up on the map after the server restarts
- Troop and cargo wight is simulated. Troop max capacity is shared with CSAR
- Extracted vehicles can be re-packaged for transport (the function will replace the vehicle with the corresponding crates.)

Live Map Map

Come to the Rescue

Support downed pilots
- Downed Pilots will remain on the map for 24 hr waiting to be rescued
- Smoke or flares can be requested through the radio menu
- Land up to 500 meters away from the pilot and the downed pilot will run to you. Note that the time it takes for the pilot to reach you increases the further you are away
- Weight and maximum capacity if simulated
- Every player has 3 lives. Rescue your pilot to get back lives. The 3 lives limited does not apply to UH-1 and Mi-8 slots

Forward Air Control

All Gazelle aircaft can use FAC actions through the F10 menu
- Lase targets for laser guided bombs for fixed wing aircrafts
- Smoke targets
- Choose target type from target list
- Request artillery fire in the target area


Communication is a key part of this server.
Please use SRS on the following frequencies:
- 250.000Mhz for departure/arrival traffic calls on FARPs and airfields, and for UH coordination
- 30.00FM for missile callouts, AH coordination and Forward Air Control (FAC)

Kneeboard Log
Check the kneebord for flight time, kill board / deaths and rescued pilots.

The Opposition

Factories: Enemy units will spawn from factories located all over the map to reinforce a controlled area.
Destroy these factories to disable the enemy supply chain.
Note: If the area around the factory is not secured with ground troops after successful demolition, the enemy commander will attempt to repair the factory and new vehicles and troops might spawn after server reset.

Opposition Behavior: The opposition will react to blue units detected either visually or via radar.
- Mig29 aircraft will takeoff and intercept any blue fixed wing aircraft detected.
- Mi-24 or Mi-28 helicopters will take-off and be directed to an area where a blue helicopter was detected
- Artillery will fire when blue ground units are detected and are stationary for a given period of time.

Troop Transport Limits

Following are the group sizes and unit types loadable by airframe

Standard Group:
- SA342(2x M4)
- Mi-8 (7x M4, 3x M249, 2x RPG)
- UH-1 (4x M4, 1x M249, 1x RPG)
- Others (6x M4, 2x M249, 2x RPG)

Anti Air:
- SA342(1x M4, 1x Manpad)
- Mi-8 (7x M4, 5x Manpad)
- UH-1 (3x M4, 3x Manpad)
- Others (2x M4, 6x Manpad)

Anti Tank:
- SA342(1x M4, 1x RPG)
- Mi-8 (6x M4, 4x RPG)
- UH-1 (3x M4, 3x RPG)
- Others (2x M4, 6x RPG)

Mortar Squad:
- SA342(2x M4, 1x Mortar)
- Mi-8 (8x M4, 4x Mortar, 2x M249)
- UH-1 (6x M4, 3x Mortar)
- Others (6x M4, 3x Mortar)

JTAC Group:
- SA342(2x M4 JATC Capable)
- Mi-8 (7x M4, 5x M4 JATC Capable)
- UH-1 (3x M4 JATC Capable)
- Others (7x M4, 3x M4 JATC Capable)

Spec Ops:
- SA342(N/A)
- Mi-8 (4x M249, 2x RPG)
- UH-1 (3x M249, 1x RPG)
- Others (N/A)